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Why Do Banks Love Ripple So Much? (2017)

Cryptocurrency is the future of finance

Learning cryptocurrency now is extremely important because we are headed towards a future where all of the world’s financial systems are going to be moved to the blockchain, and all types of currency will become digital.

Litecoin Ready to Take a Shot at a New All Time High (2017)

Here are some examples of trades made in 2017

The future of cryptocurrency and how big it is going to be cannot be understated. Getting in now and understanding the important aspects will keep you from falling behind and missing out.


Perfect Bullish Gartley on Daily ETHBTC (2017)

The future is decentralized

In the future, almost all computer applications that deal with money, including websites, will become decentralized. There are major advantages to decentralization over the current model of centralization that will motivate everyone to eventually change over.

Is Stellar Headed to the Stars? (2017)

The possibilities are endless

The uses for cryptocurrency and blockchain are innumerable and there are new uses being created every day. As the technology continues to develop it will continue to weave its way into everyday life.


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